Every two years PIEK commissions CEDEO to do a customer satisfaction survey. This office provides certification for Tailor-made and Open Business Courses, and for Coaching, Business Consulting, Outplacement, Career Guidance, and Legal and Organisational Advice. During the customer satisfaction survey CEDEO talks to staff and customers, asking them targeted questions about their experiences with the organisation under review. How do they rate the cooperation, the service and the performance of the organisation? To what extent has the organisation succeeded in meeting the expectations raised and promises made?

PIEK has had this survey done for almost 20 years. The results over this long period have shown an upward trend. While 2002 already saw a great 8.8 in customer satisfaction, it has risen to an excellent 9.6 in 2020.

Aspects that are reviewed in the customer satisfaction survey are for instance the pre-course activities, the programme of the course, the execution, the instructors, the after-care, the customer relationship management, the price-quality ratio and the satisfaction related to the course. All the aspects got excellent ratings at PIEK. Customer relationship led customers to say the following three things: ‘It is well-respected institute’, ‘it always lives up to its promises’, and ‘the contact is always very good indeed’. As to the instructors they said: ‘The quality is high’, ‘they are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and they instantly recognise customer needs’. As to the course materials they said: ‘we can state in advance which equipment is used in our company and which we want to practise with. They always take care that they bring exactly the equipment we ask for.’

For PIEK quality and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. We see it as a constant challenge to keep these two at the highest possible level.