IPC-A-610 Training and certification

This is a training based on the document IPC-A-610 in which the acceptance criteria for assembled electronics can be found. The IPC-A-610 comes into view when the electronics are ready to the point that the components are soldered to the circuit board and are ready for installation. The document is intended for, among other things, the final inspection before the product is sent to the customer.

To ensure that the customer receives the product he has ordered and that there are no errors or malfunctions that should not be contained in it, a final inspection is done and this document is a tool for the inspector to carry out that inspection. It consists of a number of chapters in which various topics are discussed, including the general requirements for solder connections. The specific requirements for various components that are currently contained in electronic products.

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The IPC-A-610 Training and certification is suitable for the following target group:

This training is especially important for inspectors. Inspectors who do a final check of the assembled electronics before it goes to the customer, to be built into the end product or before it is processed internally in the end product.

The inspection is carried out to ensure that there are no errors, that it is the right product and that all components are present and are soldered in the right way. It is also an interesting document for people who order assembled electronics from so-called EMS companies that produce these products.


The IPC-A-610 Training and certification is interesting for employees of different companies.

The companies that attend this training are mainly the so-called EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) companies, companies that assemble printed circuit boards for clients and in particular their inspection departments.

The customers of these companies are also interested in this training, in particular to simplify communication with their suppliers and possibly to be able to perform an incoming inspection of the products. But other companies that are interested, such as design companies that make commissioned designs for their customers, they also regularly follow this training.

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The application of the IPC-A-610 Training certification within companies.

The approach of the IPC-A-610 Training and certification is that you learn what the requirements are for solder connections in general, but also specifically for the various components that are currently used in modern electronic installations.

Furthermore, a number of general issues with regard to IPC and the correct application of the standards is taught. This is applies mainly to the inspection departments and an employee who is certified is actually fully equipped to carry out these inspections and to check the end products before they are sent to a customer.

The added value of the IPC-A-610 Training and certification.

The added value of this IPC-A-610 training lies in the fact that because people know what the criteria are, what the requirements are for the solder connections and the assembled electronics in general (it is not just about solder connections, there are other things addressed as well) you prevent products that do not function properly and that do not meet the requirements from being sent to the customer.

In case a customer receives products that are not in order and which later fail in practice, it can cost a lot of money or customers who are dissatisfied and who are going to claim which can also cost a lot of money. With the training of your inspection staff, people know what the requirements are and fewer bad products are sent to customers, fewer complaints are received and customers are retained, there is no loss of face and there are fewer costs.

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Validity of the IPC-610 certification

If you have not previously been certified for the IPC-610 or your certificate has expired, you will need the initial IPC-610 certification. This has a validity of 2 years.

You must recertify within 6 months before the certificate expires. You have the following options for recertification:

  • IPC-610 Recertification: full training for recertification
  • IPC-610 Challenge Test: only the exam
  • IPC-610 Refreshment of the Standard + Challenge Test

Variant of the IPC-610 certification

IPC-A-610 CIS (Certified IPC Specialist)
This CIS variant is intended for operators

IPC-A-610 CIT (Certified IPC Trainer)
This CIT variant is intended for anyone who wants to train operators to CIS themselves

IPC-A-610 CSE (Certified Standards Expert)
This CSE variant is intended for anyone who wants to become an expert in the field of the relevant standard. These experts are often used by companies as coordinators to correctly apply the standard within the company.

Upcoming regional IPC-A-610 training courses

Start dateTrainingLanguageLocation 
23 June 2020IPC-A-610GermanSingenQuote Request
30 June 2020IPC-A-610GermanWeingarten (Karlsruhe)Quote Request
22 September 2020IPC-A-610GermanWeingarten (Karlsruhe)Quote Request
20 October 2020IPC-A-610EnglishHeerlenQuote Request
27 October 2020IPC-A-610GermanAmbergQuote Request
28 October 2020IPC-A-610DutchHeerlenQuote Request
03 November 2020IPC-A-610GermanBerlinQuote Request
24 November 2020IPC-A-610GermanMünsterQuote Request
08 December 2020IPC-A-610GermanSingenQuote Request
15 December 2020IPC-A-610GermanWeingarten (Karlsruhe)Quote Request
15 December 2020IPC-A-610GermanMichelstadtQuote Request

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