PIEK Certified Seal

2018 PIEK SEAL What is the PIEK Certified Seal?

The PIEK Certified Seal is a visual stamp displayed on your company’s website to communicate your company’s level of quality commitment to website visitors.

What are the benefits of the PIEK Certified Seal?

  • Show off your knowledge
  • Build valuable trust with website visitors
  • Differentiate your website from competitors

What is the validity of the site seal?

Click to validate! On your request, PIEK creates a landing page displaying your company’s certification(s). Example: https://piektraining.com/en/certification-statistics/certification-statistics-for-epr-partner/. The seal is valid as long as you have an active link from the seal to your certification statistics landing page listing active certifications.

Seal guidelines

  • Use of this seal is only permitted with an active link to the certification statistics landing page that PIEK has created for your company!
  • You can scale the seal as needed for different devices and screen sizes, but you must preserve the aspect ratio so that the seal logo is not stretched.

Site Seal Implementation Support

Please contact wilco.wings@piektraining.com should you have any questions on implementing the PIEK Site Seal.

Available PIEK Certified Seal images

Request a certification statistics landing page for my company

I hereby request PIEK to create a certification statistics landing page for my company. I have read and agree to the rules on the use of the PIEK seal.