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Open registration or In-company / in-house and tailor-made

PIEK offers all its customers tailor-made work. On this training page you find a wide range of training courses that PIEK can offer to your organisation. These are all IPC certification and re-certification courses. Besides, there are plenty of PIEK courses. The latter provide a wider scope and a more in-depth approach as a follow-up to the existing IPC training courses.

Open registration / participation in Heerlen (The Netherlands)
The solution for:

  • small groups
  • individual employees
  • new employees to your company
  • if you cannot miss several employees at the same time.

These courses are fully provided on fixed training dates and in various languages such as Dutch, German, English and French.

Inquire about:

  • the special rates from 2 participants
  • if the training dates in our training calendar do not fit your schedule.

In-company / in-house and tailor-made, two birds with one stone, wherever and whenever you want…
All courses and seminars provided by PIEK have in-company versions for groups of at least five people. They are by definition tailor-made to suit your specific needs, regardless of whether it concerns IPC certification or recertification. PIEK gives you exactly what you need.

Customer-centric tailor-made courses

  • The educational needs of your organisation are met by providing both need-to-know theory and need-to-have practice. This means that your employees are trained specifically for what they need to be trained for.
  • PIEK’s in-company training can be mutually arranged at moments that suits you best. PIEK is flexible in this. The instructor brings all the required soldering and inspection equipment, so a complete work place for every participant. The equipment can be one of the following manufacturers, Ersa, JBC, OKi, Metcal, Pace or Weller, depending on your needs.
  • On site it is much easier to discuss issues that occur in the production and assembly process.

If you cannot find in this list what you are looking for, please contact PIEK. After all, tailor-made work is our standard, so we can undoubtedly cater to your specific needs. Ms Wendy Wings of our customer support department will be happy to explore ways of meeting your educational needs. Her telephone number is + 31 45 570 33 33, and her email address is