PIEK Audit Service

audit services for the electronics manufacturing industryProduction, logistics, process & management: PIEK´s audit services

The manufacturers and suppliers you turn to directly impact the quality of your production and products. This is why you have to make sure that products are reliably manufactured, that your suppliers are capable of producing to your quality standards and that their processes meet the IPC standards. However, it can sometimes be difficult to gauge the quality of manufacturers and suppliers based in far-off locations.

PIEK’s consultancy department regularly does Audits for Electronics Manufacturing commissioned by its international clientele. In an audit the following company processes are inspected: production, logistics, environment, health and safety, and management.

The auditors check more than 300 aspects in total of the assembly process. PIEK runs checks on three essential components of the organisation concerned, namely inbound products, the processing of products and outbound products. The audit then reveals any weak points and aspects to be improved.

Why make use of PIEK’s technical and managerial audit services for the assessment of manufacturers and suppliers?

PIEK is active worldwide and can therefore accurately assess your manufacturers and suppliers anywhere in the world. We assist you in:

  • Making thorough, independent assessments of production companies all over the world
  • Assessing whether your manufacturer or supplier is capable of executing your specific orders
  • Ensuring that your manufacturer or supplier meets all relevant IPC standards (IPC Audits – IPC Compliance Audits – IPC Compliance Checklist – IPC Compliance Status)
  • Taking well-founded decisions on the basis of our detailed assessment report.

Our assessment of suppliers and our technical and managerial audit services comprise:

  • Assessment of the current / planned work load and equipment capacity
  • Assessment of material and product control processes
  • Assessment of the management structure
  • Assessment of soldering and manufacturing procedures
  • Verification of the quality management system
  • Audit for quality assurance
  • Check on handling and storing materials
  • Check on staff qualifications, (hardware) production lines en corporate means
  • Check on manufacturing techniques
  • Audit for Bare Board

PIEK is the partner of choice for the electronic connections industry, also in the field of auditing. The audit can focus on production, on process control, on logistics or on operation management. PIEK’s auditors have vast international experience and welcome the chance of sharing their expertise with your organisation.