Replacing BGA-components, is it really that difficult?

This question we hear at our trainings from time to time. We sometimes even encounter “artists” that have already tried to replace BGA’s (Ball Grid Arrays) with common household appliances and tools. This includes tools such as paint strippers etc. [...]

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Rework, Repair, Touch-up; Do you know the difference?

In practice, many people do not seem to be clear about what is meant when they talk about rework, repair and touch-up. In this article we will try to provide some clarity. A wire in a wiring harness is [...]

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Hand soldering workshop and free ticket to productronica 2023

PIEK invites you to participate in a hand soldering workshop. The workshops will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the 2023 productronica Fair in Munich. Send an email to to sign up for an available time slot. [...]

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Why is it important to test your solder baths for contamination?

During the immersion, wave or selective soldering processes and in the HASL finish application processes, metals will dissolve in the liquid solder. The degree of dissolution depends on the base materials used (finishes on tracks and component leads/metallization’s), solder [...]

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Strong partners for years: Weller and PIEK

For PIEK, the go-to educational centre for the electronic interconnect industry,continual cooperation with customers and other stakeholders is the basis of the corporate philosophy. This also goes for Weller, the expert in anything related to manual soldering. Weller is [...]

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Wire harnesses reveal their secrets with IPC/WHMA-A-620, IPC-D-620 and IPC-HDBK-620

Wires and wire harnesses have become indispensable in the electronic connection industry. In each and every appliance, no matter how small, we find wires. Wires and the way they are attached with the other parts of the electronic products [...]

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Training calendar 2024

The 2024 PIEK training calendar is now ready and includes all regional and online training courses: The sites that you can choose from in 2024 are: Heerlen (head office), Bretten, Singen, Münster, Amberg, Michelstadt & Berlin. [...]

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