About Us

PIEK, preferred partner for the electronics industry

PIEK is the leading international training and certification institute for the electronics industry. PIEK provides customised training programs worldwide for all those who have to deal with electronic modules and circuit boards: PCB development, production, assembly and repair companies, the automotive industry, armed forces, aviation businesses and others.

Quality means success for us

Today’s manufacturing processes require high quality at a lower cost, while keen competition puts prices under pressure. This leaves little margin for rework or manufacturing inefficiency. Many organisations struggle to balance regulatory compliance and customer demands with downsized production. Employees get frustrated by their own substandard knowledge and skill leading to poor production quality. If you need superior training and certification that fits your tight budget, PIEK is your preferred partner.

Independent instructors with international experience

PIEK’s training facilities provide your workforce with in-depth knowledge quality acceptability criteria for all facets of the design and manufacturing process. Our courses are attuned to the wishes and needs of your employees, providing not only a theoretical framework but also much hands-on, real-life practice. Our skills-based courses give your employees experience in and knowledge of the latest standards for PCB and PCBA Production and Cable Wires including Fibre Optics. You will see an immediate significant increase in quality and production proficiency as well as gratified employees. Better yet, you consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. All over the world PIEK instructors are renowned for their wide and in-depth knowledge, leading to long-standing customer relations.

Customized courses are our core business

PIEK can provide instructor and operator training and certification for all of our skill-based courses and IPC certification. PIEK, global leader in training and consultancy for connecting electronics is the premier worldwide authorized IPC training centre, providing all current IPC certifications. Even the most complicated production processes can be turned into tailor-made courses. On the basis of your input we jointly tailor a course for your employees. Over 50 years of experience allows for optimum customization.

55 years of experience

For more than half a century has had a solid reputation the world over of having unparalleled knowledge, providing outstanding instructors and being totally committed to its customers. This has been confirmed once more by the 2020 customer satisfaction survey. In this survey clients claim that courses are participant-centred and are taught in a relaxing atmosphere. Participants bring up for discussion their own issues and get extensive feedback from their PIEK instructors. All participants receive a certificate that is recognized all over the world, which can be seen as a competitive advantage and a boost in quality for your production.

More than an educational centre

PIEK does more than just provide education. You can turn to PIEK for the following services:

PIEK courses and certifications
PIEK gives IPC courses in the field of PCB Design, PCB Manufacture, PCB Assembly, PCB Repair and Rework, Cable and Cable Technology, and various follow-on PIEK courses.
You can turn to PIEK for a second opinion in case of a dispute with a supplier or buyer.
Test centre for PCBs / PCBAs
We test PCBs and PCBAs to IPC criteria.
Validation services
PIEK is one of the few centres in Europe authorized to offer this service.
Qualification services
PIEK offers audit programmes in the fields of production, logistics, process and business management.