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Who is and what does PIEK do?

PIEK leading and global educational centre and certification institute for the electronic interconnect industry.

PIEK: the only educational centre in Europe authorised to offer the full range of IPC courses and certifications.

PIEK: only working with its own instructors, all being Master IPC certified and having many years of international experience.

PIEK: offers tailor-made courses and certifications across the world to anyone working in the electronic interconnect industry.

PIEK’s educational offerings: design, soldering, assembly of components, cable and wire harness assemblies as well as repair of printed circuit boards.

PIEK’s customers: assembly and repair companies, the automotive sector, medical and healthcare-related organisations, security firms, aviation and aerospace, defence, cybercrime fighters, and organisations active in developing, producing and integrating electronics.

PIEK’s supplementary services: consulting, audits and test facilities for PCBs.

Some questions that every organization should ask itself regularly

Are your employees still up-to-date? Can you still meet the (currently) set quality criteria c.q. requirements of your customer(s) and are you prepared for future technologies? Are your employees regularly trained?

Get the best out of your employees, investing in your employees is investing in the future of your company.

What training course are you looking for?

Because the right choice of training in the electronics production industry is a fairly complicated issue, we have compiled the page What training course are you looking for? to help you get started.

Training Courses

Latest articles

Next upcoming regional PIEK & IPC open enrollment training courses

Start dateTrainingLanguageLocation
17 September 2024ONLINE IPC/WHMA-A-620EnglishONLINEQuote Request
23 September 2024ONLINE IPC CID (Certified Interconnect Designer-basic)EnglishONLINEQuote Request
25 September 2024ONLINE IPC CID+ (Advanced Certified Interconnect Designer)EnglishONLINEQuote Request
01 October 2024ONLINE IPC-A-610EnglishONLINEQuote Request
29 October 2024IPC-7711/7721EnglishHeerlenQuote Request
05 November 2024IPC/WHMA-A-620EnglishHeerlenQuote Request
11 November 2024IPC-A-600EnglishHeerlenQuote Request
13 November 2024IPC-6012EnglishHeerlenQuote Request
18 November 2024ESD Plant Auditor/TrainerEnglishHeerlenQuote Request

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Attended to re-certification class as a remote course, all went smoothly and classes/exams worked perfectly. Even though I like travelling, I hope the remote classes will be an option in the future as well, because it’s much easier to schedule when there are no travelling days away from work.

Päivi Karhumaa, Innokas Medical

Dear Rob, I just wanted to drop a quick note to express my gratitude for the incredible IPC CID training you provided.

Your passion for the field and your expertise in PCB design and manufacturing were truly inspiring, and I feel like I learned so much from you. Your feedback and answers on my questions was incredibly helpful.

Your guidance and instruction were invaluable in helping me to earn my certification, and I am excited to apply the skills I learned in the course to future projects.

I hope to stay in touch with you and look forward to the possibility of working with you again in the future.

Abbas Vahedi , Robert Bosch GmbH

Dear PIEK Organization,

The training fully fulfilled my expectations.
The training was provided in a very professional way, using theoretical and practical examples.
Since the beginning, I liked the email communication and professionalism from Wendy, providing all of the necessary information.
The trainer Stefan was very nice, gentle, calm and knowledgeable while explaining us all of the materials and raised questions.
All of the provided materials, laptops, marketing materials were on the highest level.

If I have the chance in the future, I will choose again PIEK Organization as IPC Training Provider.

I wish you everything the best in the future and please keep doing great job to have fully satisfied customers.

Filip Nestorov

Filip Nestorov, MIRTEC Germany

Perfect organized training. Highly knowledgeable and professional instructor.

John Apostolidis, Miltech Hellas S.A.

The big advantage of PIEK is that they have in-company courses as well as courses at their head office. They are flexible and can do courses in both English and German, which is very handy for our company. Besides, PIEK offers the full range of IPC courses, which is also a big plus.

Marife Gonzales, Brose

If you need training or consulting regarding PCB/PCBA design/manufacturing/failure-investigation/etc. you will be here at the right place.

Dieter Mörth, Magna Powertrain

Everything was very well organized. The Master trainer ( Stefan Walls ) was helpful with excellent knowledge of the J-STD-001. The training equipment ( soldering station , tools etc. ) for the practical training was very good.

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