Seminar IPC-AJ-820

The IPC-AJ-820 seminar is a seminar based on the document of the same name IPC-AJ-820.

This book has the title Assembly and Joining Handbook. It is basically a summary of several other documents that are important to assemblers, companies that assemble electronics and the people who work there

Seminar IPC-AJ-820
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The IPC-AJ-820 seminar is suitable for the following target group:

The target group for the IPC-AJ-820 training is therefore mainly the people who are responsible for the process, process control and process design. Who are responsible for the assembly of electronic products and therefore are confronted with such things in their daily task.

Furthermore it might also be important for everyone who works in electronics assembly and is looking for background information like what I am doing now, what are the specific in-depth criteria and other things you are confronted with.

The IPC-AJ-820 seminar is interesting for employees of different companies.

The companies that might be interested in this training and that would send participants to participate in this seminar, actually would be assembly companies within the electronics industry and in that case would be very widespread, EMS, OEM’s, actually anyone who is interested in electronics assembly and who has a responsible role within the electronics assembly.

IPC-AJ-820 Seminar

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The application of the IPC-AJ-820 seminar within companies.

The topics that are discussed in this document are very diverse, some of which go very deep. When you participate in this seminar you actually learn a lot and get in-depth, background information about what electronics assembly actually is about?

All kinds of aspects, materials, tools, processes, the document is very broadly set up from the beginning of the electronics assembly to the end, with all process steps involved, that are usually gone through so to speak. Of course these are also included and discussed in the seminar on this document.

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It goes into the components, the printed circuit boards that are used, additional materials, glue and adhesive materials and adhesive processes as well as the problems that may arise. The soldering processes, handsoldering processes as well as automated soldering processes are discussed. And of course the materials used for this.

Also it is about solder alloys, the different alloying elements in the solder and what their influence is on the end result and the end product. And also the problems that can arise with soldering as well as the soldering process itself. For example the formation of intermetallic layers and what really happens when I solder?

This will be discussed in depth as well. Attention is paid to cleaning, cleaning processes, cleanliness testing. Conformal coatings and potting are discussed in full.

Further attention is paid to rework and repair, at least on some general issues, without really going into the processes, but at least you will learn what does it mean. Specific information on this you might get from other, more specific courses.

But the general baseline information is contained in here.

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The added value of the IPC-AJ-820 seminar.

After you took part in this IPC-AJ-820 seminar, the things you have learned here in this seminar, you can apply it directly within your company. The feedback we get on these seminars is often something like: “yes, now we really received background information about what we are actually doing. What is really happening within these processes “.

Things are discussed in detail. So actually people who participate in this seminar indicate that they have received a lot of background information and also understand their processes better. That they better understand the problems that can occur during these processes and their production and its impact on the end product. And they actually indicate that they will be able to manage their processes better and avoid problems with the end product.

The added value of the IPC-AJ-820 Seminar
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Well that is about pretty much the added value of our IPC-AJ-820 seminar. That people who come from practice and have come across things in daily practice not always were aware, what’s going on here now? What am I doing? Why does this problem occur?

That they afterwards understand it, because they just got more background information, in-depth background information, about what is really happening in soldering processes. And that because they have been given that understanding and will be able to proactively adjust parameters, and by doing so avoid problems.

And if problems do occur, at least they understand what has gone wrong and can set up communication about this internally in a better way. This way they might avoid problems in the future and this of course makes an investment in this seminar being paid back very quickly, actually it is recovered because the end products will be of higher quality and in that way the money is earned back.

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