Certified ESD Plant Auditor/Trainer According to IEC-61340-5-1/5-2/5-3/5-4 & ANSI/ESD S20.20

ESD Plant Auditor

This training prepares for the so-called ESD coordinator level as described in the ESD standards. The ESD standards, issued by the IEC organization. The most important group standard is the IEC 61340-5-1, which indicates that if a company sets up an ESD control program, someone must be responsible. This person is called the ESD coordinator.

The ESD Plant Auditor / Trainer course prepares employees for this position. In both theory and practice and especially the practical part, this training is unique. In many companies, this standard and also the other standard that comes with it, the IEC 61340-5-3 and the user guide IEC 61340-5-2, form the basis for the ESD control programs. The 5-1 and 5-3 have been adjusted and updated in 2015 and 2016.

Our Plant Auditor training that has been given since 2017 has been adjusted and updated accordingly.

In this training we will discuss general ESD theory. What is ESD, what are the problems of ESD, what are the dangers that can occur and what are the consequences for electronic equipment.

In addition, the most important standard of the IEC organization, the IEC 61340-5-1 and the IEC 61340-5-3, is discussed. Furthermore, a number of tests are being done to show things in practice, so that employees know exactly what ESD is.

The theory given in the training is also translated into practice. A little extra practice is being done in the workplace in order to prepare the employee properly.

The training is concluded in principle with two exams. The theory exam with questions about what has been learned in the theory and a practical exam where the student who follows the training must, at a certain point in the workplace, apply a number of practical measurements, which he also has to perform later in daily practice too.

If all goes well, the employee will receive the ESD Plant Auditor / Trainer diploma.

Certified ESD Plant Auditor
ESD Plant Auditor / Trainer

ESD – Special Training Programs

The ESD Plant Auditor / Trainer is suitable for the following target group:

This training is important for everyone who has to act as an ESD coordinator within the company. For the employee who is or will be designated as the ESD coordinator. Of course, for people who are interested in the ESD and the ESD training as well.

Interested employees who want to know what ESD is, what the standards are and want to be extensively informed about this. But also for employees who want to train other employees in their own company with regard to ESD, this training is very suitable.

Companies and their employees who participate in the ESD Plant Auditor / Trainer

In principle, the moment a company works on or with electronic equipment, employees are forced to set up an ESD control program. How that works is described in the IEC standards. It states among other things that someone must be responsible for the ESD control program, the so-called ESD coordinator.

Therefore, if a company needs an ESD control program or wants to implement it in the company, an ESD coordinator is required. And as described in the IEC standard, this employee must be well-trained and must be very familiar with the standard and how to apply them in practice.


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ESD – Special Training Programs

Following the training, successful completion and applying the learned knowledge.

If the company is just starting out with an ESD control programs, the responsible employee will set up the ESD control program based on what has been learned in the training, regarding the standards. But what should be included in that control program? Maybe the company has already a control program. Perhaps the company does not yet have ESD coordinators, or not enough, which should therefore be trained properly.

These employees will be in the company responsible for coordinating and drawing up control programs, but also for active control, conducting so-called internal controls (internal subject audits), managing the tools and equipment that are necessary for various measurements that are discussed in the standards but also for the management and maintenance of the documentation. The employees who follow this training will be using and implementing this knowledge in the company they work for.

ESD - Special Training Programs
ESD Plant Auditor / Training

The added value of the ESD Plant Auditor / Training

If a company has to or wants to set up or needs to maintain an ESD control program, it is important that an employee within the company has to be responsible for this program. This employee needs to be well informed and needs to know how to train and guide the other staff in translating the theory of the standard into daily practice. If employees know exactly what ESD is, what the dangers are and how they can prevent those dangers, this will lead to fewer dropouts. Less downtime means fewer expenses and therefore a higher return for the company.

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