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Boost your competitiveness with IPC training and certification courses

IPC regularly researches companies in the electronic interconnect industry. Recent research among 549 companies reveals the following facts. 98% of SMEs in the electronic interconnect industry states that their employees are better able to understand IPC standards and apply them [...]

IPC New Release: IPC-9204 Guideline on Flexibility and Stretchability Testing for Printed Electronics

This IPC-9204 guideline describes flexibility and stretchability testing to evaluate printable electronics for stretchable and wearable applications. This guideline describes tests which the IPC D-65 Printed Electronics Test Methods and Validation Subcommittee deemed appropriate for consideration for flexibility and stretchability [...]

IPC New Release: IPC-7530A Guidelines for Temperature Profiling for Mass Soldering Processes (Reflow and Wave)

This IPC-7530A standard provides useful and practical information for developing thermal profiles to produce acceptable SnPb and Pb-free electronics assemblies. This IPC-7530A revision expands the focus of the original standard from reflow profiling to include profiling for vapor phase, laser, [...]

IPC New Release: IPC-4101E, Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

The IPC-4101E standard covers the requirements for base materials that are referred to as laminate or prepreg and listed in the specification sheets that are contained in the last of the main body. These are to be used primarily for [...]

IPC New Release: IPC-4202B, Flexible Base Dielectrics for Use in Flexible Printed Boards

The IPC-4202B document provides comprehensive data to help users more easily determine both material capability and compatibility for flexible base dielectric materials for the manufacture of flexible printed boards. It includes flexible base material specification sheets that have been updated with [...]

IPC New Release: IPC-7711/21C Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies ( IPC-7711C/7721C )

The IPC-7711/21C guide provides procedures for rework, repair and modification of printed board assemblies. Included in this revision are the procedures previously released as change pages, an updated general information and common procedures section, new procedures for BGAs using focused [...]

IPC New Release: IPC-1782 Standard for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Traceability of Electronic Products

The lack of a uniform component traceability standard has caused an unnecessary consumption of resources (e.g., time, people, money, etc.) to track events or parts to their sources and to remedy any quality, reliability, etc., issues. Lack of a standard [...]

IPC New Release: J-STD-609B(D)1 Marking and Labeling of Components, PCBs and PCBAs to Identify Lead (Pb), Lead-Free (Pb-Free)

This J-STD-609B(D)1 standard provides a marking and labeling system that aids in assembly, rework, repair and recycling and provides for the identification of: those assemblies that are assembled with lead-containing or lead-free solder; components that have lead-containing or lead-free second [...]

IPC New Release: IPC-2223D Sectional Design Standard for Flexible/Rigid-Flexible Printed Boards

Used in conjunction with IPC-2221, IPC-2223 establishes the specific requirements for the design of flexible printed boards and forms of component mounting and interconnecting structures. The flexible materials used in the structures are comprised of insulating films, reinforced and/or non-reinforced [...]

IPC New Release: IPC-9252B Requirements for Electrical Testing of Unpopulated Printed Boards

IPC-9252 defines levels of appropriate testing and assists in the selection of the test analyzer, test parameters, test data and fixturing required to perform electrical test(s) on unpopulated printed boards and innerlayers. Revision B provides new requirements for resistive and [...]