Customers give PIEK high rating

Every two years PIEK commissions CEDEO to do a customer satisfaction survey. This office provides certification for Tailor-made and Open Business Courses, and for Coaching, Business Consulting, Outplacement, Career Guidance, and Legal and Organisational Advice. During the customer satisfaction survey [...]

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Boost your competitiveness with IPC training and certification courses

IPC regularly researches companies in the electronic interconnect industry. Recent research among 549 companies reveals the following facts. 98% of SMEs in the electronic interconnect industry states that their employees are better able to understand IPC standards and apply them [...]

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Quality in the Electronic Interconnect Industry

Quality in the Electronic Interconnect Industry. Solving the quality problem at the beginning of production prevents the quality defects from appearing in the final assembly. Regardless of whether you are a subcontractor, contractor, supplier or client, regardless of whether you offer [...]

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