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Why is it important to test your solder baths for contamination?

During the immersion, wave or selective soldering processes and in the HASL finish application processes, metals will dissolve in the liquid solder. The degree of dissolution depends on the base materials used (finishes on tracks and component leads/metallization’s), solder [...]

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Wire harnesses reveal their secrets with IPC/WHMA-A-620, IPC-D-620 and IPC-HDBK-620

Wires and wire harnesses have become indispensable in the electronic connection industry. In each and every appliance, no matter how small, we find wires. Wires and the way they are attached with the other parts of the electronic products [...]

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IPC-9121: Troubleshooting for PCB Fabrication Processes

IPC has published IPC-9121, Troubleshooting for Printed Board Fabrication Processes, an essential source of information for anyone involved in the fabrication or purchase of printed circuit boards (PCB's). This handbook covers over 650 PCB-process failures, with causes and corrective actions [...]

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