Wave & Reflow Soldering Training and Certification

Wave and reflow soldering processes are complex, especially in the leadfree era. Understanding what is happening inside the machines is an important factor in a process controlled production environment. Customers in many cases do not allow guesswork when it comes down to soldering processes. Especially when they expect your company to produce according to military or high level industry standards.

Knowledge of the wave and reflow processes is of utmost importance for all process engineering staff but also for the operators that monitor and control the equipment. Our Wave & Reflow Soldering Training and Certification will provide all staff involved with the necessary knowledge of the soldering processes. They will learn the general programming and operation of wave and reflow solder machines.

Furthermore we will pay attention to troubleshooting the processes and establishing an understanding of how to interpret the results. To provide the participants a visual insight in the actually run profiles we will use datalogger equipment and show how to operate this as well. Of course we will use established standards like IPC J-STD-001, and the SMT Process Guideline Checklist as a reference.

The Wave & Reflow Soldering Training and Certification is suitable for the following target group:

Are you a process engineer at an EMS plant and responsible for the wave and/or reflow soldering profiles in your company? Are you an operator working at the wave or the reflow solder machine? Does your company produce for the air force, army or navy and do you have to maintain objective evidence that your machine based solder processes are in accordance with military or other standards? Is process control an important issue within your company? In that case our Wave & Reflow Soldering Training is the perfect training for you.

Application of Wave & Reflow Soldering Training and Certification.

This Wave & Reflow Soldering Training is a theoretical but also practical hands-on training on all aspects of wave and reflow soldering and especially process control. After this training participants are fully informed on all aspects of machine soldering, flux and the proper application, solder paste and important parameters for the use of it, solder profiles and how to fine-tune them for specific applications.

They are aware of the problems that can occur and are able to identify ways to improve the soldering processes. They will be able to establish the correct solder profiles for the automated soldering machines. They will have learnt how to operate data logger systems to establish a visual insight of the actual run profiles and how to optimize the profiles based on the results.

The added value of the Wave & Reflow Soldering Training and Certification.

Especially with automated soldering equipment it is important that all soldering parameters are set correctly. This is only possible if the responsible engineers and staff are aware of the processes, the materials and the equipment used and how this all works together. This is dealt with in this training in an extensive way to prepare them fully for their tasks. No more guessing, knowing is the motto here.

An added benefit of this training are the practical sessions that will take place at your wave and/or reflow soldering equipment. If we perform this training in your company our trainer will take a fully equipped datalogger set from ECD with him with which it is possible to monitor and register the soldering profiles run in your wave and/or reflow soldering machines.

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