Printed Board & Printed Board Assembly Process Validation Training and Certification

Process validation is an important aspect of bare board and PBA production. In many cases it is a mandatory aspect by customer requirements or because it is required by a standard, like it could be the case when IPC J-STD-001 or IPC-A-620 is specified in the contract associated with the procurement of an electronic assembly. In this latter case even every time a major element of the process is changed a new validation would be necessary. If you are a board supplier then maybe the IPC-6010 series or parts of it are specified in the contract, which also talks about process qualification. Thus if you are a supplier of bare boards or assemblies it is important to know everything involved in process validation, internal audits etc..

But also if you would be sitting at the other side of the table, e.g. when you buy electronic products it would be good to know what is involved. In the event you might want to perform an audit at your PB or PBA suppliers plant, you have to be prepared.

This training gives you the basic knowledge you need to know on the validation of the processes in the electronics industry. The information contained is based on several standards from IPC, like the IPC-6010 series, the IPC-2220 series, J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 as well as our extensive experience on auditing and consulting the electronics industry.

The Printed Board & Printed Board Assembly Process Validation Training and Certification is suitable for the following target group:

Process validation can be something done within a company, when process engineers have set up the bare board manufacturing process, or at the EMS the assembly process. But a process can also be validated by a customer, in that case sometimes the validation is part of an audit process. This is an indication of the target group for the Printed Board & Printed Board Assembly Process Validation Training. Process engineers, quality control, auditors are some of the people who will an interest in this training.

Application of the Printed Board & Printed Board Assembly Process Validation Training and Certification.

Do you buy your products “in the blind”? Or you rather want to get thorough proof that your suppliers are capable? Does the procurement documentation from your client indicate you need to qualify your bare board manufacturing processes? Is the J-STD-001 specified in the contract with your client? Do you assemble military or automotive products?

In all these cases you can be quite sure that you will profit from this Printed Board & Printed Board Assembly Process Validation Training, since the topics discussed you will be able to apply directly in your qualification, validation and auditing processes.

In this training there is also attention for the IPC Validation services, a service provided by IPC to qualify an OEM or EMS, or supplier.

The added value of the Printed Board & Printed Board Assembly Process Validation Training and Certification.

There are a number of general training courses on auditing and process validation commercially available. But if you want a training on this subject which specifically deals with process validation for the electronics industry then there is not so much available. This is where this training comes in. The collection of information, based on the experience of years of training, consulting, auditing and process validation from our trainer team is unique in its kind. If you sit with us in this training you profit from this experience as we share it with you in a concise session.

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