Advanced ESD Control for operators and technicians

ESD – Special Training Programs

The training Advanced ESD Control for Operators and Technicians is a training that lasts a full day and focuses on the various aspects of ESD or Electrostatic Discharge. It explains how to approach this correctly, avoid it and how companies have to deal with it.

Of course this training explains what is ESD, what does it mean? What are the causes of ESD, what are the consequences of ESD.

Also it indicates what protective equipment exists to protect electronic components and products and how to use them correctly. Also the standards that exist on ESD are discussed as well as what they say about protective materials and the correct handling of sensitive components and sensitive products.

How to properly layout the workplace to prevent products from being damaged is talked about.

The theoretical part is supported by videos and practical measurements, by demonstrations by and with the trainer.

ESD – Special Training Programs

The Advanced ESD Control for operators and technicians training and certification is suitable for the following target group:

The target group for this training are the operators and technicians working in the electronics industry to produce electronics and also repairing electronic products. Actually everyone who comes into contact with electronics is the target group for this training and they will also have to deal with it in their daily practice.

Advanced ESD

The Advanced ESD Control for operators and technicians training and certification is interesting for employees of different companies.

The companies where employees are trained in this training Advanced ESD control for operators and technicians, are companies that produce electronics, that do repairs on electronic products and that want employees to be trained properly. Who want to get to know all ins and outs of ESD, the dangers and how to deal with them correctly as well as the practice involved.

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ESD – Special Training Programs

Application of the Advanced ESD Control for operators and technicians training and certification in companies.

If you participate in this training Advanced ESD control for operators and technicians, you will learn how to handle ESD sensitive components and ESD sensitive products the correct way and you will learn some basic ESD definitions, but also how to correctly use the protective equipment. You will learn the requirements from the standards, the documents on ESD in which the personal protective equipment and packaging materials are described and how to use them correctly at your workplace.

You will learn how to set up the workplace correctly. All of that you learn in theory, but also there is practice involved. To clarify things some experiments and demonstrations are performed. Furthermore, the training is concluded with a test in which you can also test your knowledge, whether you have learned anything from this training.

Advanced ESD

The added value of the Advanced ESD Control for operators and technicians training and certification.

ESD – Special Training Programs

After you have finished this training the information from it you can it directly in the workplace in your company, because you have learned how to handle sensitive components and products the proper way. How to properly use your protective equipment, organize your workplace, pack sensitive devices and sensitive components and transport them.

You have learned all that in theory and gained practical insight into the hazards, information which you can then consciously apply in your daily practice. This is one of the important things of this training, awareness on what are the dangers and what can I do to protect my products.

The added value for the company that has their staff participate in this training is that the people are made aware of the dangers that can occur and know their own role in preventing, avoiding hazards, protecting the products and components.

If people are made aware and have been able to see in practice what those dangers are, what can happen, they will be more able to perform their tasks and work with less risk to damage components, electronic equipment and products. This of course will have its impact on the efficiency of the company, because there will be less downtime and less financial losses.

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