Solder Training Advanced (Hand Soldering)

Advanced Course Hand Soldering

In this Advanced Solder Training (Hand Soldering) we build further on the Solder Training Basic. Employees follow the hand soldering process and in this particular course more advanced hand soldering techniques are discussed and practised. Smaller and more complex components and more connections (we speak of components such as QFP and Finepitch which means that the distances between the connections are getting smaller) are taught.

This means that it is harder to solder these components and connections and that employees need more skills and experience to be able to solder these components properly. It is a trend that we have seen more and more in practice in recent years. The components become smaller and more complex, become more difficult to solder and employees must therefore be trained and able to gain more experience in order to deal with these challenges. This training is ideal for gaining the required knowledge and practice.


The target group of the Advanced Hand Soldering Course.

This training is important for employees who have to replace complex components in the company. This is called rework and it is important for employees who already have experience and have mastered the standard hand soldering techniques but also have to be able to control those complex, smaller components, more connections and connections that are closer together. They must learn to replace these components correctly in a production process or in a repair shop.

Advanced Course Hand Soldering

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The Advanced Hand Soldering Course is suitable for different companies.

This advanced course is interesting for companies that make more complex products. Especially when something has gone wrong in the automated production process and components have to be replaced by employees in order to be able to reuse them and use them for their customers.

Or for repair shops that receive the kind of products that require repairs. This course is particularly suitable for the workshops where advanced equipment is being used.

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The added value of the Advanced Hand Soldering Course.

These more complex components are often also more expensive and therefore it is important that they are properly repaired by trained personnel, employees who know what they are doing, who can use the right materials and tools so that the repairs are properly and reliably implemented. These are often more expensive products that are processed and repaired and employees need to be aware of that. If the repairs are carried out in the right way, a relatively expensive piece of electronics can be saved.

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