Certified Basic Electronic Assemblies Operator training and certification

Do you remember the feeling when you just started working in your job, everything was new and sometimes you had the feeling you had to sort out everything yourself. Anyway with the Certified Basic Electronic Assemblies Operator training your new employees don’t have to sort things out themselves. This training offers the basic information someone who just started working in the electronic assembly needs to make a good start.

Some of the subjects and terms that will be brought up: components recognition, basic electronic circuits, bare boards, ESD, work methods, hygiene and safety. Of course we stick to the usual IPC documents like for instance IPC-A-610, J-STD-001 and IPC-7711/7721 and the IEC 61340-5-1 and IEC 61340-5-2. And all of this not just in theory, we also integrated some practical elements. The participants will perform some hands-on measurements (voltage, current, resistance) with digital multimeters on practice boards specially developed for this purpose. Also soldering and desoldering jobs are carried out on conventional and SMD components. Each participant will be provided with the necessary equipment, tools and materials for these tasks.

A comprehensive program, but with the necessary basic knowledge that obviously in a later stage in other trainings might be explored further. The training is modular and consists of 4 mandatory modules and 2 optional modules. Thus an individual adjustment is possible depending on how and where a participant will be deployed.

The Certified Basic Electronic Assemblies Operator training is suitable for the following target group:

The Certified Basic Electronic Assemblies Operator training is a basic training for people that just started working in the electronics industry. This training will prepare them thoroughly on the tasks at hand within the electronics assembly. Of course, the training is also open to anyone who has been working in the electronics industry for some time but wants to improve their knowledge or skills. Furthermore this training is very well suited for people that maybe not work directly in electronic assembly but would like to “nose around” at what is involved there. Like for instance managers, administrative and other executives.

Application of the Certified Basic Electronic Assemblies Operator training.

Participants that have successfully finished this training will be capable of recognizing the various types of electronic components, like resistors, capacitors, transistors etcetera. They are aware of the risks handling them, especially ESD risks if they are treated in unsafe environments. They also know how to correctly handle, package and store bare boards. Furthermore they know how to properly arrange and maintain a work station in order to safeguard safety and hygiene. They are capable to perform simple measurements and have made their first steps at inspection. They also got to know the basics of hand soldering processes, both in theory as (especially) in practice.

The added value of the Certified Basic Electronic Assemblies Operator training.

If you just start working, many new things will come your way. New environment, new colleagues, new work methods and rules. Experience shows that especially at this first stage most mistakes are made, many times out of ignorance. Because of this lack of knowledge and experience there is a certain risk to components, boards and assemblies they will work with. Train new people adequately so they are aware of the risks and teach them the correct methods to handle these items right from the start will immediately reduce the risk of having to destroy expensive goods and thus lead to cost savings.

Offering new people an appropriate and thorough training in an early stage is also a signal to them, a signal that you take them serious and want to support and guide them to the optimum. The experience of our trainers will then do the rest and will help the participants overcome the first barrier.

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