IPC Work Session Training and Certification

More and more we have to consider rules and regulations. REACH, RoHS, DFX are just some abbreviations, but do you what they mean? And moreover, do you know what is the impact for your products, your company, you?

In many cases IPC documents like IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 are referred to in procurement documents. Are you aware what this could mean for your designs? Do you know what IPC-2615 Printed Board Dimensions and Tolerances means for your products?

Topics in this training have names like performance classes, producibility levels, thermal management, traceability, cost drivers, design considerations, design for reliability, AQL, HAST testing etc.. In this compact training they are explained for your convenience and reduced investment in time. You stay in class for one day and you leave with a lot of information. It doesn’t consume a lot of your time but it renders you the explanations on important contemporary topics and issues.

The IPC Work Session Training and Certification is suitable for the following target group:

You design printed circuit boards? You are involved in the printed board manufacturing or assembly process? You are confronted with environmental issues like RohS and REACH? You have to deal with IPC documents and you do not really know the finesse? Then this IPC Work Session training might be something for you. It is well suited for anybody who needs basic information on the subjects discussed in a short timespan.

Application of the IPC Work Session Training and Certification.

The IPC Work Session training is very applicable for those designers who want a lot of information on contemporary issues and topics related to their job, but don’t want to spent days in class. This training helps in gathering information on the issues of our time. Maybe you have years of experience designing, but there has been a lot of changes in legislation, for instance the RoHS and REACH directives, components, acceptance criteria and other themes. This training will put you on the frontline of information.

The added value of the IPC Work Session Training and Certification.

The IPC Work Session training is a one day session delivering you basic information on a variety of topics that are interesting for a designer. It is unique in its kind in that it contains information on a variety of subjects but still focusses on what you need to know for a better understanding of contemporary legislation and design rules. Because it contains the information in a concentrated form you spent as less time in a classroom as possible and still get well informed.

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