Advanced Bare Board Design Training and Certification

The Advanced Bare Board Design Training and Certification is an advanced training for designer and developers working in the electronic industry. Also in this training no attention will be on how to use the CAD Software for bare board design. Support for this in general is a matter for the supplier of the software, since they know their product the best.

Mainly this training will go into the bare board design. The designer is at the beginning of the electronic product manufacturing process. Failures made in this early stage, will pay off later in the process and might have a negative impact on functionality and reliability of the final product.

Topics in this course are various, for example how to use the design rules for optimum reliability and the best quality at a reasonable price. The participant will get an insight in bare board manufacturing and assembly processes and the pitfalls in which a questionable design can have devastating consequences.

The training will guide you through a collection of aspects to be considered during the design process, it cites from various documents that are design related but also on manufacturing and assembly applications und gives you a solid insight in DFX (Design For Excellence) principles.

It also discusses the specific requirements of IPC-7351, the document on land pattern geometries for surface mounted components.

The Advanced Bare Board Design Training is suitable for the following target group:

The Advanced Bare Board Design Training is suitable for all designers and developers who need detailed knowledge of the relationship between design rules and issues which can occur at bare board manufacturing and assembly. If you want to get more confident on how to correctly use the contemporary design rules, this training is „mandatory“.
This would be especially the case if you are a design service provider. Survival of your company is largely dependent on how satisfied your customers are, a failure you make that costs your customer a lot of money might lead to loss of a customer and eventually maybe even your own company.

However it might also be an interesting training for other people working at an OEM or EMS and fulfilling the role of “interface” between their company and a design service provider. In this case the reason for participating might be to assure that all parties “speak the same language “ and make you more confident in your meetings.

Application of the Advanced Bare Board Design Training.

The knowledge gained in this training on contemporary design rules, rules and the issues that might occur if you ignore them, are directly applicable at the moment you leave the classroom. Because of products getting more and more complex and requirements from customer higher and higher, with regard to manufacturing, assembly but also from the end users of the final products it is necessary to stay up to date and in accordance with the latest techniques and requirements. The certificate you receive is a physical proof of the knowledge gained und might be considered to be a proof of quality by your customers. The detailed syllabus you will receive, will become a valuable companion in your quest for the optimum design quality.

The added value of the Advanced Bare Board Design Training and Certification.

Less failures in the first stage of the electronics production process, aka the design stage, means less money lost to fix these errors again in a later stage, f.i. because of less scrap, rework, modifications, design changes, product recalls etc.. A designer who knows the connection between design rules and capabilities at the bare boards manufacturing and assembly (or better the restrictions), will implement this knowledge in his designs achieve better results, both financially and with regard to quality. Staff at OEM’s benefit from this training because have the tough job to “translate” the product requirements from their company for their service provider. The more uniformly and clearly these are transmitted, the fewer the risk of failures. Failures that might stay undiscovered until it is “too late” and products have to get scrapped or expensive recalls carried out.

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