Advanced Electronics Assembly Operator Training and Certification

In the Advanced Electronics Assembly Operator Training and Certification theory of the soldering and especially the practice is combined. But not just that. There is so much more to be learnt in those 5 days. In the various modules quite a lot of important items from internationally accepted standards is discussed. In order to get an understanding of how to deal with moisture sensitive components J-STD-020 and J-STD-033 are dealt with. Also the rules for handling of bare boards from IPC-1601 are reviewed. In order to understand the risks of electrostatic discharges some of the IEC-61340 standards are cited. On top of it there are also the requirements for marking of leadfree components and assemblies as they are to be found in IPC/JEDEC J-STD-609.

The acceptance criteria for electronic assemblies (IPC-A-610) and wire harness assemblies (IPC-A-620) are discussed.

And all of that combined with practice, a lot of practice. Through-hole components will be soldered and desoldered, as well as all kind of SMD, even Fine-Pitch components. But also soldering to contacts as it is done in wire harness assemblies is not neglected. Rework operations will be performed, as well as repairs, and the opportunities for modification explored. And obviously all of that demonstrated by our trainers in accordance with the official procedures as they are to be found in the IPC-7711/7721.

The Advanced Electronics Assembly Operator Schulung is suitable for the following target group:

The Advanced Electronics Assembly Operator training of course addresses all people that perform hand soldering operations in their company, such as operators in the rework and repair departments the people that perform the hand soldering operations in the assembly lines. But everyone who would like to get a better understanding of the hand soldering processes and the finesses on how to handle components, bare boards and assemblies and also wants to get a “sniff” off how it is correctly performed in practice can benefit from this training.

Application of the Advanced Electronics Assembly Operator training.

The application of this Advanced Electronics Assembly Operator training is that you get a very wide and complete range of information, tailored to all tasks and interesting facts for people who work in repair, rework, hand soldering activities etc..

Statements that apply to this training are f.i.: compact but still complete, a balanced mix between theory and practice, something in there for everyone, interesting for all no matter your position in the electronics industry, diversified, practical, extensive, leaves nothing to be desired, based on internationally accepted standards, all aspects are discussed.

The added value of the Advanced Electronics Assembly Operator Training and Certification.

Solder training courses are commercially available on the market and offered by various training companies. However this Advanced Electronics Assembly Operator Training and Certification is different. Obviously we teach the participants how to solder (and desolder!) correctly. But apart from that topics like component recognition, electrostatic discharge (ESD), handling bare boards and moisture sensitive components and marking of leadfree products are discussed in detail and all of that in accordance with the respective valid standards.

Attend a training once and get informed completely is the motto of this training.

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