The COVID-19 Corona pandemic is a crisis that nobody had foreseen. It has led to major changes, and companies are rethinking their business. Entrepreneurs are reviewing their organisation, production, business processes and knowledge. Just like you, PIEK has done this too. PIEK has adjusted the form of its courses and now offers four types of courses to suit the situation and to meet your needs and wishes.

The four forms of the courses are as follows:

  • FACE-TO-FACE in-company courses
  • ONLINE courses
  • FACE-TO-FACE regional courses
  • eLearning

Market developments

Because everything has to be smaller and faster, miniturising products is hot. This is why the diversity in the application of micro-electronics and nano-electronics is increasing, resulting in ever higher requirements for reliability. PIEK notices this in the type of question that we get.

The main points of attention in these questions are the following:

  • Has the customer database changed in your company too in the last few years?
  • Has the production process and/or the machinery changed?
  • Do customers set their own quality requirements?
  • What quality check is in place for products and half-finished goods that come in?
  • What is the quality status of products set to leave the company before they are actually dispatched?
  • Which ESD prevention and control programmes are in place in your organisation?
  • What is the knowledge, experience, motivation and qualification of your employees?
  • What is the level of customer satisfaction of your customer?

Service provider

It is practically impossible for individual employees and companies to always remain up-to-date. Many companies have discovered PIEK as a partner who can ensure that their employees always keep abreast of the latest developments in their sector. PIEK manages to do this by offering all standard IPC certification courses and its own PIEK courses developed in-house. Apart from this, PIEK does still more. We also have our own consultancy and audit department, and all the courses that we offer are tailor-made, attuned to your specific wishes and needs.