eLearning ESD Operator

In the eLearning ESD Operator training, your employees learn everything they need to know to work ESD safely. This eLearning training is therefore intended for anyone who encounters electronic components and / or assembled printed circuit boards (PBAs). This E-Learning ESD Operator training is ideal for new employees who have little or no experience on the production floor as well as for existing employees with experience. The eLearning ESD Operator training can be followed from your company as well as from home, the choice is entirely yours.

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ESD stands for Electro Static Discharge

How does such an eLearning ESD Operator training work?

For you as an ESD coordinator / Production Manager / HR / Quality Manager:
You order x number of licenses and then receive the same number of usernames and passwords from PIEK. Your employees can then get started.

For your employees:

  • Your employee will receive an internet address, username and password with which he / she can log in to the PIEK eLearning portal. Your employee is automatically linked to the correct training.
  • Your employee must update his profile with First name, Last name, Company name and email address. First name, Last name and Company name are the data that will later appear on the certificate. The email address is for sending the PIEK Person Certificate.
  • Your employee can start the training. The training is interspersed with explanations in the form of various video instructions followed by questions with which the employee can check whether he has understood the lesson material.
  • Your employee starts the exam.
  • If the employee has passed, he / she automatically receives the PIEK Person certificate.
  • If the employee has not passed, he / she can return to the course material and eventually take the exam again.

Study at your own pace.

eLearning is a study in which the participant follows the course material at his own pace and at the time that suits him / company best. The participant follows the eLearning training online via his own personal account. The teaching material has been developed in such a way using various training forms such as illustrations, videos and exercises. After each topic there are a few questions, whether the participant has mastered the taught material before the participant can participate in the next lesson material. If the participant does not sufficiently master the lesson material, this lesson material will be explained again. In this way, the participant goes through the entire lesson material step by step. High success rates are guaranteed by the applied methodologies and professional approach.

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Training goal

The aim of the eLearning training is to give the participants insight into the measures for protecting electronic components and assembled printed circuit boards against damage caused by Electro Static Discharge (ESD).
This regarding handling, workplace (EPA), tools, packaging, storage and transport. This according to the IEC 61340-5-1, IEC 61340-5-2, IEC 61340-5-3 and ESD 20.20 standards.

This eLearning training is intended for anyone who encounters (sensitive) electronic components and / or assembled printed circuit boards (PBAs).

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