IPC-7711/7721C Modules

Module Title
1. (Mandatory) IPC’s Policies & Procedures, General Information and Common Procedures (P&P, Chapter 1 and 2)
2. (Optional) Wire Spicing with Praxis (Procedure 8.1)
3. (Optional) Coating
4. (Optional) Through-Hole Components (THT) with Praxis
5. (Optional) CHIP and MELF Components (SMT) with Praxis
6. (Optional) Gull-Wing Components (SMT) with Praxis
7. (Optional) J-lead Components (SMT) with Praxis
8. (Optional) BGA Components Theory (TTP) & Modul 8a (Optional): Praxis BGA Desoldering, Reballing, Profiling and Soldering
(only possible if BGA Rework Station is available) (currently not available at IPC)
9. (Optional) Laminate Repair with Praxis
10. (Optional) Circuit Repair (Conductor/Pad/PTH Repair) with Praxis

IPC-7711/7721C Table of Contents

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