Training course organisation for a practical open registration IPC training

Personal information participants:

  • Full name (first name and last name) of the participant
  • Email address; Every participant in an IPC exam has to be registered in the IPC Certification Portal by our instructors in advance. The instructors also have to enter an email address (business or private) for every participant into the IPC CQI database. This database allows an email address only once and general email addresses such as cannot be used. Without an email address, a registration with IPC is NOT possible
  • Access to email address; When a participant is registered for a course, he immediately receives an email from IPC in his inbox stating his personal log-in data for the exam. Logging in is only possible during the exam after activation of the account by the instructor
  • Important; Please remember to always have the data received from IPC at hand during the exam. Ensure that you have direct access to your email inbox. Without these data taking the exam is NOT possible
  • Every participant in a course is required to identify himself, this can be done with a legally valid ID (passport, ID card)
  • PIEK privacy consent form; We require specific privacy permission for providing our services and products to you and, if applicable, your employer. The form: Privacy Consent Form Online

Hotel, Airport & Tourist information:

Every participant who follows a training course in Heerlen, The Netherlands, has to book their own hotel / travel. If you need any assistance, we are happy to help.

Please look here for hotel suggestions: Hotel Information

Please look here for airport & tourist information: Tourist Information