Training course organisation for a theoretical in-company PIEK training

Personal information participants:

  • Full name (first name and last name) of the participant
  • To create the department certificate, we ask you to send us the exact name of the department. One department certificate is included in the offered price. If you want more department certificates we must charge you extra per certificate
  • Every participant in a course is required to identify himself, this can be done with a legally valid ID (passport, ID card)
  • PIEK privacy consent form; We require specific privacy permission for providing our services and products to you and, if applicable, your employer. The form: Privacy Consent Form Online

The requirements for the teaching room:

  • Internet connection (Wi-Fi) for the trainer
  • Beamer / multimedia projector
  • Projection screen or projection wall
  • Good illumination, of approx.² is the minimum recommended value (preferably dimmable / switchable at the side of the room used for projections)
  • The training area must have working blinds and it must be possible to lock the training area on security grounds
  • 230 Volt current for laptop trainer, at no more than 1,5 meter from the desk of the trainer, if necessary with an extension cord – mind the risk of tripping
  • Sufficient number of chairs
  • Sufficient number of tables
  • Minimal dimensions of space: 120 x 70 cm per participant
  • A desk or table of sufficient size for the trainer with a chair
  • An extra desk or table for the material cases of the trainer
  • Clean whiteboard, including sufficient whiteboard pens (Instead of a whiteboard you can also use a flip-chart, but be sure to provide enough pens and paper)
  • Plenty of ventilation

Useful hints

  • Use a quiet and comfortable space, sufficiently located away from the workplace to prevent distractions for participants
  • Therefore, do not organize any training courses in a canteen, where participants could be periodically distracted by break times and other circumstances
  • Ensure that the training area you have chosen is large enough, so that participants can sit and work in comfort. It is important in this case that tests can be run in a satisfactory manner and there are no opportunities to cheat. Our trainer must have easy access to all participants

For your own organization:

  • Send a notice to all interested parties a couple of weeks before the training course (production managers, security)
  • Send an invitation to all participants a couple of weeks before the training course including the subject and purpose of the course as well as the place and time. Also, ask participants to switch off their mobile telephones. Participants can check their voicemail and other messages during break times
  • Appoint a permanent contact person and guide for the trainer and have this person contact the trainer before the start of the training, please also provide a telephone number or another means of contact at which the contact person can be reached in case our trainer needs to get in touch
  • Decide on the lesson times, the coffee break and lunch break and the location of the break room
  • Internal safety rules for the trainer, if applicable
  • Arrange lunch for the trainer during training days and provide the trainer with the details on how lunch is arranged before the training
  • Make a list and decide clearly on any minor program modifications, if the certification requirements and training duration allow for this and discuss this with the trainer before the start of the training
  • Make a list of and notify deviating and/or additional rules within your company