The IPC-A-610 is a standard for the final inspection of assembled electronics products, a kind of photo album with which you can evaluate complete assembled printed circuit boards. You will see the text next to the picture in the book whether this is target, acceptable, a process indicator or a defect. But…. “Why is this happening?” that will be discussed in the J-STD-001 training program. This standard describes the underlying (background) information about the production process in the assembly department. When the humidity gets too high you will have problems with voids (pin holes/blow holes) in the solder joint, if the humidity gets too low you will have problems with ESD etc. This and many more aspects are covered in the J-STD-001 training. A J-STD-001 training also involves soldering practice (practical skills), while this is not the case with an IPC-A-610 training (only theory).