Selecting an education provider

Like no other, PIEK understands the challenge that companies face in choosing the right IPC certifying education provider. The purchasing department focusses on price; the employees on the work floor focus on the provider’s experience; and the manager focusses on the full spectrum, all the while keeping in mind their responsibility for both quality and budget.
PIEK, with over 55 years of experience, has asked clients for their top-four considerations when choosing an IPC education provider.

Reliability and service offer

The key criterion is reliability and service offer. Clients appreciate this aspect the most, and find it when they choose PIEK. With 55 years of experience, PIEK is synonymous with reliability. And by offering custom work as standard, PIEK guarantees a solid service offer.

Usability and comfort

The second-most important criteria are usability and comfort. Usability is defined by clients using PIEK as the possibility of using state-of-the-art tools. PIEK is equipped with leading materials and soldering equipment. This allows companies training with PIEK to both use familiar appliances and try out new models. Comfort is represented by the fact that PIEK offers not only regional training, but also in-company sessions. PIEK trainers visit companies on site at a time that fits the production process. In addition, PIEK also acts a consultant in case of specific questions between businesses and customers.

Independence and international experience

Thirdly, customer strongly appreciate the added value offered by a trainer’s independence and international experience. PIEK trainers are independent, have years of international experience, and speak your employees’ language. PIEK provides real aftercare; our consultants are more than happy to offer help and advice even when a course is finished.


Fourth is costs. PIEK always offers services at honest and reasonable fees. These may not be the most competitive prices available on the market, but they are representative of the service of and aftercare PIEK provides. Comparing IPC training prices is as complex as comparing flight prices. A Ryanair flight might seem cheaper, but the full sum works out to about the same as a Lufthansa flight – which offers a far better overall quality-to-price ratio.