The questions that you can ask yourself in this respect are:
• Is the ESD programme in conformity with your internal standards?
• Is the ESD programme in conformity with the standards of your customers?
• Is the ESD programme in conformity with the valid IPC standards?

For many companies in the electronic interconnect industry such questions are relevant. The customers expect you to say yes to all three questions without faltering or blinking.

In order to be assured that you are not getting into trouble, you can consult PIEK’s ESD consultants. They would be happy to visit you and analyse your ESD control programme.

PIEK’s ESD consultants work on the basis of observation and an extensive check list. They produce a report for you, detailing the results of the observation and the checks as well as a recommendation. On the basis of this report you can see to what extent your ESD control programme meets the regulations. Moreover, you can prove to your customer that he is in the right place for his products.

If you wish to know more about what PIEK’s ESD consultants can do for you, please contact Ms Wendy Wings of our customer care department. She can be reached on telephone number + 31 45 570 33 33 or at email address