What do they mean by ultrasonic welding?

Ultrasonic welding is a connection technique with which one or more copper wires can be joined together. This is done by means of high pressure and high friction frequency (in the ultrasonic range) in an ultrasonic welding machine. This causes [...]

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What does WHMA mean?

WHMA is the abbreviation of “Wire Harness Manufacturing Association”, a group of cable manufacturers from America who have provided the pictures and technical information in the IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard. IPC has processed this information and structured it in the standard.

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What does IPC mean?

The origin 3 capital letters “IPC” stands for “Institute for Printed Circuits”, this was the original name of the institute that creates standards for the entire electronics industry. The new name is: IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries.

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