What are “tin whiskers”?

Tin whiskers are crystals that grow on the surface of a tin coating (on a printed circuit board, plug, drawer, etc.). If these crystals (they look like a cat's whiskers …… hence the name whiskers) become too long, a short [...]

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What does RoHS mean?

RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) means the prohibition of harmful substances. This means that some toxic / harmful materials may no longer be used in electronic equipment (think of lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium, etc.). These substances are dangerous for the [...]

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What do they mean by “fine pitch components”?

Fine-pitch components are SMD components where the leads are spaced very close together. IPC calls the SMDs fine-pitch from a center-to-center (lead distance) of 0.65 mm and smaller. There are also ultra-fine-pitch components, which have a center-to-center distance of 0.3 [...]

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What causes the PCB to warp?

The warping of printed circuit boards can be caused by incorrect stacking of the prepreg layers at the printed circuit board manufacturer. This is discussed in the CID/CID+ training.

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What do they mean by “high density boards”?

A “high density board”, translated as a printed circuit board with a high assembly density, is a printed circuit board where the components are placed very close together. Think of a printed circuit board of a laptop, smartphone, iWatch, etc.

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What does FOD mean?

FOD is the abbreviation for “Foreign Object Debris” and means contamination by foreign objects (fluff, hair, material residues) on the surface. This abbreviation is often used in the IPC-A-600, IPC-A-610, IPC-6012 and contradicts “Foreign Object Damage” (FOD) which is often [...]

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