The world is a glass house, and this certainly goes for trainers in the technical interconnect industry. Companies often inadvertently hire IPC trainers who work for the competitor. This means that the competitor can get a behind-the- scenes glimpse of his rival’s processes, procedures and products. If that is the case with you, your competitive position could be at stake.

Fortunately, there are a number of educators in the technical interconnect industry who are independent and who have very motivated and enthusiastic trainers. PIEK is one of these. Providing training courses is PIEK’s core business. During the course participants are not bothered by product presentations of suppliers or by other speakers with a commercial message. Customers turn to PIEK not only for the expert knowledge and global experience of its trainers, but also for its authorisation to give all IPC courses. PIEK is the only educator for the technical interconnect industry in Europe who has this authorisation.

This means one-stop shopping for all your educational needs. PIEK considers independence an essential prerequisite for good education. We want to look our customers in the eye and provide them with the best possible courses. We can only do so when we are independent of third parties. It is also why we invest heavily in our trainers, keeping them abreast of all the latest developments, in your sector too.

If you want only the best for your employees and if you are looking for IPC certification or re-certification by an independent educational institute, there is no better partner than PIEK. You will be assured of quality, reliability and independence.