About PIEK

Convincing and conclusive results

PIEK provides approximately 440 trainings a year and hands out more than 3000 certificates. Approximately 70% of all the trainings we provide are made to measure and are adjusted to meet the client’s needs and wishes. In 2019, PIEK was able to welcome and satisfy 57 new clients. The whole team is excited about these results. You are our motivation to continue to convince our regular clients of the high standards of our services, or rather, to convince new clients to choose us. Client satisfaction is an important part of our work. Furthermore, we are privileged to work with and have gained the trust of many manufacturers and suppliers in the electronics industry.

Our trainers:

PIEK’s trainers are professionals in their fields and possess extensive technical knowledge both on a national and international level. Each group of sessions is a new challenge to the PIEK team and that is how we avoid developing tunnel vision. That is why our motto is: “Your success is our success!”

All our trainings incorporate the latest technological developments. We are able to do this because of our intensive collaboration with IPC America, industry professionals and many other companies both at home and abroad.


We gauge the quality of our services based on the feedback we receive from our clients. With 55 years of training experience we can proudly provide you with a long (and growing) list of satisfied clients who use our services on a regular basis. Our clients come from various areas in the electronics industry such as; aviation, high tech, automotive and telecommunication industries. Even the army, the air force and the navy are regular customers, as well as national and international organizations. Branch-insiders such as the Electronic Assembly Contractors, PCB manufacturers and PCB developers also use our facilities.


  • Companies that provide design services
  • OEMs (producers in the electronics industry)
  • OEMs (companies that provide design services in the electronics industry and produce their own PCBs)
  • OEMs (electronic assembly companies that assemble their own products)
  • PCB manufacturers/Companies that provide design services in the electronics industry and produce PCBs to order
  • Services/EMS (electronic assembly companies that provide assembly services to clients)
  • Repair companies (quality control)
  • Rework / Touch-up Departments of assembly companies (OEM and EMS)
  • Companies that produce and/or supply according to military standards (suppliers to the military)
  • Cable processing industry and assembly companies
  • OEMs (electronic assembly companies that assemble their own wiring harnesses)
  • Service providers / EMS (cable and wiring harness assembly companies that assemble to order)

Outsourcing provides huge savings:

You will save time and money this way as it is hard to estimate many of the extra costs for a group of training sessions. Before the training starts we will provide a clear and informative tender. This means there will not be any unpleasant financial surprises. Money spent on one of PIEK’s trainings is never wasted as you decide upon the content of the course together with PIEK. Therefore, you will always be able to meet the needs of your employees. We offer both theoretical and practical knowledge. You will be able to select different types of soldering equipment during your training sessions such as; Hakko, JBC, Metcal, Oki, Pace and Weller.

Our number one priority is a strategic collaboration with our clients!

Our advice and support will help you obtain the renowned IPC certification and re-certifications. PIEK’s team will help you reinforce your company’s market position internationally as you will benefit from the support of a team of experts who will be at your side thinking with you. You can always count on our support, even after a training has been completed via our website

Discretion is our middle name

Long-term relationships with clients can only be realized when there is trust between both parties. This requires integrity and discretion. Naturally, we treat any information received from your company with the utmost discretion. After all we would not have been able to sustain over 55 years of success in an information sensitive branch had we not held true to that promise all these years.

PIEK your partner

If you are convinced that you can retain a competitive edge with well-trained employees, because they produce superior-quality products, you want a partner to meet your training needs. PIEK would like to be this partner, giving IPC courses as well as its own PIEK courses, and offering consultancy and audit services. For our complete range of courses and service, please surf to https://piektraining.com/en/training-courses/. If you have at least five participants, we can even give the course at your company location.

We have one more important thing we want to share with you; PIEK’s primary activities revolve around training and certification policies for companies and employees working in the electronics industry. PIEK and its team will not be trying to sell you anything during the training sessions provided.

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts”:
We do not make empty promises, we create facts.