In today’s market place, where ‘Better, Faster and Cheaper’ is the standard, you and your colleagues have to be able to concentrate on your company’s core business. This includes designing, producing, assembling and repairing Printed Circuit Boards. Other core activities are producing cable looms, developing wiring techniques and keeping staff motivated.

Changes in the market
The constantly changing market means that you have to be able to extend core activities rapidly. We live in an information technology era, in which quick and correct decision making is a prerequisite for exploring new markets.

Staying ahead of the competition means investing
Your competitors will always try to stay ahead of you. The best option in staying ahead of them is maximum dedication and efficiency from all your staff. This is becoming increasingly important in today’s ever growing international market, where it is essential for every business to remain distinct from its competitors. To help you achieve this, PIEK has offered a wide range of theoretical and practical courses in nearly 55 years since its foundation. These are all tailored to your business and your sector.

PIEK training courses to enhance your market position
PIEK’s renowned training courses expand your organisation’s market position. Our training courses ensure increased knowledge for your employees, enabling them to function more independently and more efficiently. Your investment in training courses will result in cost and time savings.

PIEK´s tailored courses
Here are some samples from our range, all of which also have an in-company version:
• IPC Designer Certification CID, the standard convention for PB design
• IPC Advanced Designer Certification CID+, the advanced convention for PB design
• IPC-A-600 Certification, inspection of PBs (Bare Boards)
• IPC-A-612 Certification, inspection, material and process requirements of PBs (Bare Boards)
• IPC-A-610 Certification, inspection of assembled PBs
• IPC J-STD-001 Certification, the convention for the assembly and inspection of PBs
• IPC-7711 & IPC-7721 Certification, the convention for Repair and Rework of PBs
• IPC-WHMA-A-620, the inspection standard for Cabling and Wiring techniques
• Special training programmes.

IPC Certification programmes
PIEK is one of the few IPC Certification centre to operate internationally and to enjoy official accreditation. This is why PIEK can provide all IPC Certification programmes all over the world, both in-company and at a regional level in Europe.

Tailor-made study programmes
Outsourcing has many advantages

An investment in the IPC Certification programme has many advantages and certainties for your business. The knowledge and motivation of your staff will be raised to an optimum level. This will boost the quality of your end product and raise your efficiency level, which will lead to a strong competitive edge and satisfied customers. An added advantage is that you will save time and money, because the study programmes are completely tailored to your organisation.

Communication problems are a thing of the past
PIEK’s study programmes ensure flawless communication in your company as well as with your customers and suppliers. Misunderstandings and conflicts arising from communication problems are reduced to a bare minimum or excluded altogether. By making use of IPC standards you can communicate more easily and clearly with all your relations, buyers, suppliers, partners or colleagues all around the world. Irrespective of whether they are Chinese, Swiss or Israeli, you will all be speaking the same language.

Working with quality in mind
By participating in the industry’s own training facilities you open the door to ISO certification. This is the way to show to customers and prospects that your company is committed to promoting high quality.

PIEK – A treasure trove of experience
In 2019 PIEK has so far awarded 1890 certificates for the successful completion of a training course. This impressive number of certificates is testimony to the treasure trove of experience to be found with PIEK and its instructors. We are obviously very proud of the great competence, impressive quality and international experience of our instructors.

We put ourselves to the test – how about you?
We asked some clients to state their views about us, so that we could offer you a vivid impression of our return value.

An average IPC-A-610 Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) on average spends 220 hours annually on two IPC-A-610 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) training courses (on the basis of an average training run). Activities carried out include:

• An update of knowledge of your CIT certified Trainer
• Development and translation of (supporting) course material
• Training preparation
• Organisation and arrangement of a suitable training venue
• Ordering IPC training kits / training materials
• Training programme run (duration dependent on the selected training modules).

The number of hours stated excludes:
• Preparation of changed IPC guidelines
• Participation in certification and/or re-certification programmes that are run every two years
• Administrative tasks and registration duties.

Fixed costs are not included either:
• Participation in certification and/or re-certification programmes that are run every two years
• Instructors having to be in possession of a notebook computer with essential software and licences
• Course accommodation
• A laptop for every participant with a stable internet connection, to be used for the exam.

Besides, with the fixed costs you should also factor in the need for every participant to have a fully fitted-out workplace, equipped with all the relevant course materials, tools and components, all in accordance with the IPC training and examination guidelines.

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