We are experiencing turbulent times that will undoubtedly go into the history books. The COVID-19 pandemic can impact the health of the people we care about, the companies we rely on, the stability of the global economy and our daily lives. We wish you and your family health and a lot of strength during this period.

What is the current situation at PIEK?

All trainers have returned to their home base in a timely, safe and healthy manner. Classroom training is obviously not possible at the moment, which is why all trainers work from home. They work, among other things, on optimizing presentations, training materials and on their own personal development on topics that are very hot in the electronics-producing industry. This, so that we can resume our activities with this newly acquired knowledge as soon as soon as the situation allows it.
Our office is staffed by a minimum occupancy of three people for coordination, IT, administration and customer contact. The office is closed to all other employees, interns and external parties. Several times a week, an online video meeting takes place with the entire PIEK team led by Rob and Ben Walls.

Worried about your certification and / or (planned) training?

Are you concerned about the expiration of your certificate? There are (temporary) extensions for both IPC and PIEK certificates. There are various procedures depending on the type of certification, please contact us via email extension@piektraining.com or via WhatsApp +31638010788.

Worried about your planned or to be planned courses?

Discuss this with us so that we can jointly look for the best solution for your situation. In this case, please contact us via telephone +31455703333, via email support@piektraining.com or via WhatsApp +31638010788.

Online training

For some IPC and PIEK courses, a remote training solution will become available on short term, in the period of the government measures. We will let you know when we can start with these online training and certification solutions.

Your PIEK Team