Our company name is changed. I would like to change the name in “update my profile” but it is not possible. What can I do now?

If you can’t change the name in your profile, you can sent a help desk ticket to IPC. Choose “Certification Help Desk”, log in with your Login credentials, and choose “Profile Update/Company Update”. IPC will change your company name.

Does a CIS student needs to do the IPC Essential Program in his training? We finished the mandatory Module final Test but the Module is still stated as “incomplete”.

No, the CIS student doesn’t have to do the Essentials Program. It is not mandatory but he can do it if he would like to do it. It is normal that the Portal states that the Module is incomplete until [...]

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Some of our employees have been certified as IPC-A-610 CIS. Can we state in our brochures and on our website that we are an IPC certified company?

No, the IPC-A-610 CIS certifications are individual, personal certifications. There is a separate program however for certification on a company level, which is called IPC Validation Services. Contact the PIEK sales team for more information on these services.