A customer has stated that his employees must be certified according to the IPC J-STD-001. I have been contacted by an organization that told me they can conduct a training in accordance with this standard. Since I am not familiar with this organization I am not sure if I should do any business with them?

Only IPC authorized certification centers and/or currently certified IPC trainers may certify people for a certain certification program. In case of doubt you could get a confirmation on the validity of this organization from IPC or ask the concerned organization [...]

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I have a valid IPC-A-600H CIT certificate. Am I nevertheless allowed to conduct an IPC-A-600J CIS certification training?

Yes, as long as an IPC-A-600H CIT certificate is valid you are allowed to conduct CIS certification trainings. Actually the certificates do not state the Revision to which a training has been conducted. Of course you have to prepare yourself [...]

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The CIS participants feel the theory and online IPC exam for the IPC-7711/7721 CIS training is cumbersome and unnecessary. Am I allowed to certify them based only on their workmanship skills?

No, IPC explicitly states in the training program that module 1, on which this exam is based, is a mandatory module in the certification flow. Without the successful completion of this module and the online exam you cannot certify your [...]

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We want to train and certify the operators in our company according to the IPC-A-610. Because of the costs involved with registering the participants for an official IPC training, instead of this we would rather like to give the participants a testimony we set up ourselves. Is this allowed?

No, in the IPC training program it is stated that IPC training materials are only to be used for official IPC certification training courses that lead to acquiring an official, serialized IPC certificate. For all other purposes it is forbidden [...]

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