This standard enables board manufacturers to develop requirements, policies and practices for protecting customers’ intellectual property (IP). It also serves as the basis for an IPC certification audit program to ensure a facility is in compliance with this IP standard. Number of pages: 17 pages. Released April 2016.

IPC-1071B Intellectual Property Protection in Printed Board Manufacturing

The purpose of this standard is to assist printed board (PB) manufacturers in the development of requirements for the protection of intellectual property (IP) for their customers in commercial, industrial and military and other highreliability markets. This standard focuses on protection of the inherent IP designed into the PB such that IP flows from the customer to the PB manufacturer and that IP incorporated into the PB is protected. Patent and other such ‘‘forever protection’’ of the manufactured product is beyond the scope of this document. This standard is not intended to be a legal guide. Please consult an attorney for questions of a legal nature.

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Developed by the PB Fab Intellectual Property Subcommittee (E-22) of the Intellectual Property Standard Committee (E-20) of IPC. Users of this publication are encouraged to participate in the development of future revisions. Supersedes: IPC-1071A – August 2014 / IPC-1071 – December 2010.