The IPC-9121 handbook is an essential resource for anyone involved in manufacturing or purchasing PCBs. Hundreds of real-world, full-color photos spotlight more than 650 PCB process defects, with causes and corrective actions for each. IPC-9121 supersedes the PCB sections of IPC-PE-740A. Number of pages: 316 pages. Released March 2016. 

IPC-9121 Troubleshooting for PCB Fabrication Processes

General Introduction
This handbook provides problems, causes and possible corrective actions related to PWB manufacturing processes. To keep
this document current, readers are encouraged to submit process problems with photos as well as proposed causes and solutions
to the IPC 7-24 Printed Board Process Effects Handbook Subcommittee. Submissions will be considered for document

Guidelines for Effective Troubleshooting and Process Control
One of the keys to effective problem solving is a structured routine that addresses key points each time a major problem is encountered. This section suggests steps to effectively find the cause of a problem and to solve it permanently. Refer to IPC-9191 for suggested methodology for statistical process control (SPC).

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Developed by the Printed Board Process Effects Handbook Subcommittee (7-24) of the Process Control Management Committee (7-20) of IPC. Users of this publication are encouraged to participate in the development of future revisions. Supersedes: PCB Sections of IPC-PE-740A – December 1997