This IPC-9204 guideline describes flexibility and stretchability testing to evaluate printable electronics for stretchable and wearable applications. This guideline describes tests which the IPC D-65 Printed Electronics Test Methods and Validation Subcommittee deemed appropriate for consideration for flexibility and stretchability testing of printable electronics. The descriptions of these tests were provided by members of the D-65 Subcommittee. Number of pages 26. Released March 2017.

IPC-9204, Guideline on Flexibility and Stretchability Testing for Printed Electronics

This guideline does not represent an endorsement of any of the described tests. It is intended only as an educational resource, especially for the smart textiles and wearable printed electronics markets, until standardized test methods are developed and approved.

The D-65 Subcommittee invites users, suppliers, test laboratories and other interested parties to submit additional tests or modifications to those explained herein for next revisions of this guideline. This guideline also includes references to industry-approved test methods which can be used or adapted for flexibility and stretchability testing for printed electronics (see Section 5 and Appendix B).

The documents listed in this section are those which are referenced in the body of this guideline. Appendix B also provides a compendium of industry-approved test methods which may be adapted for flexibility and stretchability testing of printed electronics.

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Developed by the Printed Electronics Test Method Development and Validation Subcommittee (D-65) of the Printed Electroncs Committee (D-60) of IPC. Users of this publication are encouraged to participate in the development of future revisions.