Almit and PIEK I.E.C. have worked together for many years. Almit provides the solder to PIEK that is used during courses. And PIEK has given soldering courses at Almit´s facilities for many years. One highlight of the cooperation so far is the joint stand at the Munich productronica fair this year.

Nihon Almit was founded in Japan in 1956 and is one of the pioneers of developing and producing soldering wire. One of their first successes was the practical application of aluminium solder. Up to this very day the company has regularly hit the headlines with impressive inventions in the field of soldering wire. The company has branches in Japan, Germany, the UK and Sweden. Its employees produce over 1500 tonnes of soldering wire and soldering paste annually.

Almit is among the five leading providers and manufacturers of soldering materials worldwide. Soldering wire, soldering paste and unleaded solder are used in the automotive industry, in medical technology, in aviation and aerospace, and in consumer electronics.

Established in 1965, PIEK is the number-one training institute for the electronic interconnect industry. It is the only IPC-authorised educational centre in Europe to offer the full range of IPC certifications.

Almit and PIEK are tied to each other in various ways. One is the clientele they share, across the wide spectrum of industry.The other is IPC. This internationally recognised body develops and sets industry standards covering all aspects of electronic connection techniques, including the development, production and assembly of printed circuit boards and of electronic components. IPC industry standards are available in many languages, set out clear criteria and get recognised worldwide. On the basis of standards developed by IPC Almit develops and produces soldering materials, and PIEK likewise does all its IPC certification courses.

Almit’s Michael Mendel and PIEK’s Rob Walls explain why the cooperation has been so successful.

Almit CEO Michael Mendel:
‘PIEK is a very competent IPC partner for us. We have been working together very closely for ages, helping each other along the way, e.g. training employees and sharing stands at fairs. At one time we organised a congress in Turkey together with PIEK, hosting 400 participants, which was very successful for both of us. Built on trust, our relationship is such that we freely discuss matters and do not have to worry about leaks of sensitive information. Both Ben and Rob Walls are very knowledgeable and know what’s what. They have their own instructors, and these all have massive interntional knowledge and experience.’

PIEK’s CEO Rob Walls:
‘We have worked together for more than 20 years. Just like PIEK Almit is a family business, which creates an instant bond. Rapid decision-making processes, reliability and trust also characterise our two companies. Almit moves with the times, is customer centric and innovates continually. One example of the latter is the new DB-1 RMA soldering wire. It is expensive but the very best available now. The same goes for PIEK: its courses command premium prices but are of the highest possible quality. For many years PIEK has used Almit’s materials in its courses, and the feedback of participants on them has always been very positive indeed. No matter what the materials are, they are all top-quality and high-end. A further similarity between Almit and PIEK is service. Of course sales are important, but what also really matters is advice and after-sales service. We and our partner think alike about this.’

As to Productronics 2023, this is the world’s go-to fair for innovative electronic production. Almit and PIEK are jointly represented at this fair. From 14 November until 17 November you can find both companies in hall A4, stand 209.