IPC-9121 CoverIPC has published IPC-9121, Troubleshooting for Printed Board Fabrication Processes, an essential source of information for anyone involved in the fabrication or purchase of printed circuit boards (PCB’s). This handbook covers over 650 PCB-process failures, with causes and corrective actions for each one. It also contains hundreds of color pictures demonstrating real process defects.

IPC-9121 arranges these process defects according to the fabrication steps in the process where they can occur – artwork and imaging, resists, protective coatings, drilling, surface preparation, etching, lamination, final finishes, etc. – and summarizes the causes and solutions for each of them. This tool enables the process engineer to quickly locate internal process mistakes and find solutions, thus saving money for your company and ensures you can keep on sending quality products to your customers.

“The handbook IPC-9121 presents common frequent problems, solutions and corrective actions applicable at the fabrication of printed circuit boards”, says Chris Jorgenson, director technology transfer at IPC. “It is a valuable tool for solving problems that every process engineer involved at the fabrication of printed circuit boards should have available.”

More information: https://shop.ipc.org/general-electronics/standards/9121-0-0-english