The IPC J-STD-001 standard is recognized globally for its criteria on soldering processes and materials. Updated with participants from 18 countries providing input and expertise, this document brings the latest criteria along with new graphics to the industry for ease of use and comprehension.

IPC J-STD-001G Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies

This is a must-have for those in the electronics industry with an interest in the process and acceptance criteria for electrical and electronic assemblies. IPC J-STD-001 is developed in synergy with IPC-A-610 and is supported by IPC-HDBK-001 for those wanting additional information and explanation on the requirements.
Number of pages 48. Released October 2017.

1.2 Purpose This Standard prescribes material requirements, process requirements, and acceptability requirements for the manufacture of soldered electrical and electronic assemblies. For a more complete understanding of this document’s recommendations and requirements, one may use this document in conjunction with IPC-HDBK-001, IPCAJ-820 and IPC-A-610. Standards may be updated at any time, including with the addition of amendments. The use of an amendment or a newer revision is not automatically required.
1.3 Classification This Standard recognizes that electrical and electronic assemblies are subject to classifications by intended end-item use. Three general end-product classes have been established to reflect differences in manufacturability, complexity, functional performance requirements, and verification (inspection/test) frequency. It should be recognized that there may be overlaps of equipment between classes.
The User, see 1.8.13, is responsible for defining the product class. The product class should be stated in the procurement documentation package.
CLASS 1 General Electronic Products
Includes products suitable for applications where the major requirement is function of the completed assembly.
CLASS 2 Dedicated Service Electronic Products
Includes products where continued performance and extended life is required, and for which uninterrupted service is desired but not critical. Typically the end-use environment would not cause failures.
CLASS 3 High Performance/Harsh Environment Electronic Products
Includes products where continued high performance or performance-on-demand is critical, equipment downtime cannot be tolerated, end-use environment may be uncommonly harsh, and the equipment must function when required, such as life support or other critical systems.

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