JBC is a major league player in the electronic interconnections industry, as it has been manufacturing soldering equipment and has built a global network for over 90 years. JBC not only offers one-stop shopping when it comes to soldering, but customers also reach out to JBC for its innovative products. JBC offers customers a wide range of soldering equipment, also for machines that work with low temperatures. JBC equipment has a very advanced heating system, allowing the tip to heat up very quickly and on top of this to also last five times longer than comparable products.

JBC has over 400 cartridges, so customers can always choose for tailor-made solutions. Besides, JBC’s product development department always has the end user in mind, keeping all equipment state-of-the-art and designing it ergonomically. This can also boost the end user’s productivity. Finally, there is an excellent interface between JBC’s equipment and the customer’s computer.

Still, JBC is more and does more. Regularly JBC makes sure that education can also benefit from its products. One example is that JBC recently sponsored a number of soldering stations for VISTA College in Heerlen, via PIEK. This educational institution is extremely pleased with the stations, especially because it is no longer common these days that companies just give equipment away for free.

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