An ESD training from PIEK can save your company a lot of money!

ESD (electrostatic discharge) is becoming increasingly important in the electronics industry. Electronic components are getting smaller and therefore more sensitive. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to maintain ESD safety in production. During an ESD training from PIEK, the newest test equipment is used to measure whether the ESD plan is working properly in accordance with the latest ESD standards. For example, we recently went to an electronics company that had problems with wear and tear on the ESD flooring. The entire floor in the production hall had a dissipative coating, but the coating was damaged by wear and tear from forklifts and other heavy machine parts. The worn part of the ESD safe flooring was sanded and then recoated / replaced. However, the new coating was not properly grounded. During the measurements in the practical part of the ESD training, the floor resistance was far too high! There was no contact with the ESD grounding point (EBP). If work was done on this isolated part of the floor, many products could be damaged without anyone noticing. ESD is actually like a ghost story, you don’t see it, you don’t feel it … so you don’t believe it, but the components fail due to this reason! Fortunately, we were there just in time, the newly coated floor was not yet in use.

Thanks to our technical support, this company will quickly recoat the floor and properly connect it to the ESD grounding system (earth bonding point) so that no ESD damage will occur. If this error had been discovered during a customer audit, the cost factor would be many times higher. The customer would reject and return all products or, in the worst case, look for another company. This costs many times more than a floor repair! Customer auditors are becoming stricter and stricter, they set ever higher standards for the quality of their products and the quality of the production departments. “Better to prevent than cure” is our goal.

PIEK offers ESD training courses for operators, trainers and also ESD coordinators up to ESD plant auditors who can test not only their own but also several sister companies. We train according to the standards IEC-61340-5-X and / or according to the American standard ANSI / ESD-S-20.20. “Measurement is knowledge” is our motto. We hope to get to know you at one of our regional or in-house ESD training courses from PIEK.

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