Just like PIEK Almit has a long history. Starting in Japan in 1956 Almit pioneered in the field of soldering wire. The company really took off thanks to monumental technical innovations such as solder paste for aluminium and solder paste to connect nickel-chrome wires with Bi metals.

1982 saw its international breakthrough, because NASA started to make use of KR-19MA for the space shuttle project. Various international prizes followed, such as the prestigious VEC award for product development in 1985. On top of this, Almit was also given the 10th Invention Grand Prix and the Distinguished Service Award.

From the nineties onwards new branches have been opened all over the world. In 2000 Almit GmbH in Bietigheim-Bissingen was founded, which moved to Michelstadt near Frankfurt am Main in the course of 2005. This is also where Almit’s central warehouse is located for Central Europe.

Michael Mendel is the Managing Director of Almit GmbH and long-standing partner of PIEK’s. When asked what makes it interesting to be a partner of PIEK’s for so long, he says: ‘PIEK is a very competent IPC contact who has been a crucial pillar for us for many years. We help each other with training courses of employees, we share stands at fairs, etc. At one time we also organised a congress in Turkey together, hosting more than 400 participants. This congress was a great success for us. Our cooperation is based on mutual trust, and we can discuss matters freely without being afraid that sensitive information is subsequently shared with others. Finally, their instructors are top-of-the-range experts that have tremendous international experience.’

Mr Mendel’s reaction to the question which trends he sees and how Corona affects his business is as follows: ‘What we see is that components used in the electronic interconnect industry are getting ever smaller and more compact. This entails challenges for us producers of soldering materials, especially because we want to create greater pressure volumes to guarantee that soldered connections will last under any circumstances. Reliability is paramount for soldered connections. At Almit we are always busy improving our products, so we can always guarantee the reliability of our soldering materials. Corona has impacted our industry, too. We see that some branches have had a slackening of production, whereas other branches have grown. Whatever may happen, Almit will weather the storm, and with partners like PIEK by its side we cannot go down.’

If you want to know more about Almit’s products, please follow this link.